About us

Dreamcast Group is an energetic and experienced company, the directors have been practising in Engineering fields for more than 11 years and have gained good reputation in the market. Dreamcast Group is capable of providing Structural, Civil and Geotechnical
Engineering Services. Staff at Dreamcast Group have sound knowledge and experiences across a range of projects including residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We have also been involved in many seismic assessments and strengthening works. Tom Shen, one of the founders of Dreamcast Group: "Engineering drawings are soul of an engineer, engineers are soul of a company." We aim to provide the best quality products to our clients.


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Tom Shen

Director, Senior Structural Engineer

E: tom.shen@dreamcastgroup.co.nz

T: 09 5253388

M: 022 386 0911

Bill Huang

Director, Civil & Hydraulic Engineer

E: bill.huang@dreamcastgroup.co.nz

T: 09 5253388

M: 021 114 9557

Leo Bai

Director, Structural & Geotechnical Engineer

E: leo.bai@dreamcastgroupo.co.nz

T: 09 5253388

M: 021 082 88788

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